Municipal apartment – Stjørdal municipality, Norway

“A resident needed frequent checks at night due to severe epilepsy and risk of falls. As a result, care staff carried out hourly checks of the resident. After RoomMate® was installed, night checks are done digitally three times per night, otherwise only if alarms are triggered. The user does not feel monitored and expresses himself that he has gained better privacy and more coherent sleep after the measure was initiated.”

RoomMate® enabled us to replace hourly checks at night with three digital visits in addition to alarm response

“Employees can provide undisturbed supervision to the user and can implement measures quickly when needed. Employees experience RoomMate as an easy to use and valuable tool to support them during night shifts. It provides increased security for users, relatives and employees who have tried countless aids in the past to register falls without having succeeded in providing the same security that Roommate® provides. ”

Bente Stenseth Kristoffersen
Avdelingsleder, Stjørdal kommune