Dementia Homes in District St. Hanshaugen, Oslo Norway

When we started up we needed night shift personnel checking up on residents in their rooms, it required about 2 FTEs in capacity. By installing Roommate® however, we could redesign our night shift. Now a centralised night service receives notifications if something happens and responds accordingly, instead of routine in-room checks at night.

With RoomMate® we could redesign our night shifts, replacing 2 FTEs doing in-room checks with a centralised monitoring and alarm response

The ten residents who live there would have had to live in a nursing home if we had not had this apartment building with this particular technology. Throughout the period, we have worked well with the supplier and adjusted the RoomMate® setup to each individual user.

We now provide a safer service to our residents, helping the right resident at the right time. Our experience is that also the relatives of residents feel safer than before!


Svein-Rune Bjørkmo
Fagsjef helse og omsorg, Bydel St. Hanshaugen